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Introducing our Power Quality Assessment service, a comprehensive solution designed to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your electrical systems. Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and methodologies to evaluate and analyze various aspects of power quality, including voltage stability, harmonic distortion, frequency deviations, and transient disturbances.

Through our detailed assessment, we identify potential issues that can impact the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment, such as power interruptions, surges, sags, and electromagnetic interference. Our service includes a thorough inspection of your electrical infrastructure, precise measurements, and in-depth analysis to pinpoint the root causes of power quality problems.

Upon completion of the assessment, we provide a detailed report outlining our findings, along with actionable recommendations to mitigate identified issues. This proactive approach helps in minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing the overall performance of your electrical systems.

Our Power Quality Assessment service is tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Trust our experienced professionals to deliver reliable, accurate, and timely solutions that safeguard your operations and optimize energy efficiency.

Power Quality

Power Quality: The Key to Sustaining and Enhancing LED Lighting Longevity

We understand the critical role that LED lighting plays in energy efficiency and cost savings for your LED projects. However, the full potential of LED systems can only be realized when they are supported by high power quality and reliable backup solutions. This is where we, at ORBIT ILLUMINATIONS INC, come in. We provide the expertise and technology necessary to ensure that LED lighting installations operate at their best, delivering maximum performance and longevity.

Compliance to IEEE519-2014

A Power Quality  check prior to installation of large Led projects, ensure both us as the supplier and you as the client will benefit from an installation free of premature failures caused by not being compliant to IEEE519.

Sample of IEEE519 one requirement:


  • Daily 99th percentile very short time (3 s) values should be less than 1.5 times the values given in the table below.

  • Weekly 95th percentile short time (10 min) values should be less than the values given in the table below.

TABLE 1 (IEEE 519-2014) 2 Tone (300-DPI).png

In addition to power quality, having robust backup solutions is essential to protect LED lighting systems from unexpected power outages. Here’s how backup solutions contribute to the longevity and reliability of LED lighting:


  1. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): A UPS provides immediate backup power in the event of a power failure, ensuring that LED lights remain operational. This is crucial for environments where continuous lighting is critical, such as hospitals, data centers, and industrial facilities.

  2. Surge Protection: Surge Protection, shielding LED lights from voltage spikes that can cause significant damage and reduce their lifespan.

  3. Power Conditioning: Power conditioning features that stabilize voltage and filter out electrical noise, further enhancing the quality of power supplied to LED systems.

Our Services for LED Lighting Installations

At ORBIT ILLUMINATIONS INC we offer comprehensive services to support LED lighting installation companies in delivering top-tier solutions to their clients:


Power Quality Assessments

We conduct detailed assessments to identify and mitigate power quality issues that could affect LED lighting systems. Our assessments include:


  • Voltage and current monitoring

  • Harmonic analysis

  • Power factor correction

  • Load balancing


Customized Solutions

Based on our assessments, we provide tailored solutions to enhance power quality and support LED lighting systems:


  • Surge protection and filtering

  • UPS systems

  • Harmonic Filters

  • Power conditioners


Continuous Support and Maintenance

Our relationship with clients extends beyond installation. We offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep LED lighting systems running smoothly:


  • Regular system check-ups

  • Emergency repair services

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

  • Training programs for staff

Partner with Us

By partnering with ORBIT ILLUMINATIONS INC, LED lighting installation companies can offer their clients enhanced reliability, efficiency, and protection for their lighting systems. Together, we can ensure that LED installations achieve their full potential, providing sustainable and long-lasting lighting solutions.

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