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SIL LED Series

SIL LED Series

Introducing the SIL LED Series, a cutting-edge indoor/outdoor 360 tubular silicone LED lighting solution. With its silicone construction, this innovative product offers 360 degree illumination, perfect for creating unique lighting designs for both interior and exterior spaces. The SIL LED Series is IP65 rated, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial settings. Whether you're looking for monochrome LED options in 2000K to 4500K CCT, RGBW, RGB, tunable white, or pixel LED capabilities, this series has it all. With infinite design possibilities, the SIL LED Series allows you to create stunning and dynamic lighting installations that will captivate any space. Say hello to flexible, reliable, and high-quality LED lighting with the SIL LED Series.


    ◎ The light source is COB strip with high luminous efficiency;
    ◎ High light transmittance, environmentally friendly silicone material;
    ◎ Unique optical structure design, 360° luminescence uniform without
    ◎ Special product structure design, rigid and flexible, strong plasticity;
    ◎ Silicone sleeve extrusion molding process, IP65 protection level;
    ◎ Salt resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, flame retardant
    resistance, UV resistance;
    ◎ Operating/Storage Temperature: Ta: -25~60°C / 0°C~60°C;

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