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MB1 - Moving Head LED

MB1 - Moving Head LED

The MB1 is part of the M-Series. MB1 is a powerful beam moving head. It houses an 80W LED, this compact unit has the capability of projecting a strong output and long throw. It is equipped with an 8-facet circular and 6 facet linear prism that can create a unique aerial effect. The unit features a frost filter, remote focus, fixed gobo wheel and color wheel that can be used to generate a variety of color and visual combinations. The MB1 can be used in multiple applications such as mobile DJ, church, theater and even club environments.


  • Technical Specifications

    ITEM ID: 1220
    PAN: 540° 8/16 bit 3 Phase Motors
    TILT: 270° 8/16 bit 3 Phase Motors
    DMX CONNECTORS: 3 and 5-pin XLR Connectors
    POWER CONNECTION: Power Con Type In/Out
    THERMAL: Maximum Ambient Temperature 110º F Maximum Surface Temperature 140º F
    FASTENING SYSTEM: 2 Quick Release Bi-Directional Clamp Mounts
    POWER SUPPLY: Auto Switching 100V≈240V 50/60Hz
    POWER CONSUMPTION: Watts: 210W / Amps: 2.94
    BALLAST: Electronic
    DISPLAY: LCD Display
    SHUTTER: Electronic Shutter Strobe 18 Flash Per Second
    ANGLE: .85º
    FIXED GOBO: 9 Fixed Gobos + 2 Beam Reducing Gobos
    PRISM 1: 8 Facet Circular Prism
    PRISM 2: 6 Facet Liniar Prism
    MULTI COLOR: 6 Color Multi Color Effect
    FROST: Soft Frost Effect
    FOCUS: Mechanical Focus
    COLOR: 13 Colors + Open
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