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Bowl LED

Bowl LED

In a workspace environment, sound and light can be considered as a very important catalyzer that can change the way we perceive the surroundings and the way we feel of the atmosphere in the space. The task was to design a luminaire that can respond to two different needs of users in workspaces from both acoustic and lighting perspective. From lighting perspective it would present a glare-free dimmable and controllable artifical lighting which turns on/off by the presence or absence of the user, and dim down/up by balancing and adapting to daylight levels without any additional intervention of the user. With seperately controllable direct and indirect light distribution, users can choose which type to use to illuminate their space. Mainly avoiding undesired reflections on reflective screens, seperately switchable indirect lighting can be used both for ambient lighting and highlight ceiling surfaces.


  • Technical Specifications


    Composition: 100 % polyester (recycled PET appx. 50 %)
    Material Weight: 52.2 Ibs/ft² (+/- 5 %)
    Material Thickness: Natural & Mandarin colors (+/- 10 %)
    Product Weight: Natural: 5.7 Ibs / per pcs. (+/-5 %)
    Mandarin: 6.5 Ibs / per pcs. (+/-5 %)



    Acoustic Rates: Sabin (m²) 250-4000Hz
    Fire Rates: B, S1, d0 (EN-13501)
    Light fastness: 6+ (ISO-105 B02)
    MAS Certified Green - CDPH Standard Method v1.2
    Low VOC / Eligible for LEED v4
    Health : 99.9 % Antibacterial (ISO-20743)
    Formaldehyde-free (ISO-14184)
    Moisture Absorption: >0.03 % by weight
    (50°C/122°F at 90% relative humidity)
    Thearmal insulating: 0,040 W/mK

    Key Features & Benefits

    Available in 6 natural composite colours & 25 Mandarin colours
    Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance
    Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant & without red list chemical binders
    Recycled and recyclable

    Light Source

    Input Voltage
    Input Frequency
    Lumen output
    *** Color Temperature
    Color Rendering Index
    Unified Glare Rating
    Lighting Type
    50 / 60 Hz
    2500 Im
    2700K, 3000K, 4000K options
    standard 80CRI or optional 90CRI
    0-10V, Push Dim, Bluetooth, Phase Cut options
    Direct Lighting


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