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Luna LED System

Luna LED System

The Luna LED System is the perfect solution for creating custom architectural lighting designs. Featuring durable PVC foil that is non-flammable, non-toxic, and moisture resistant, this system is designed to last. An acoustic membrane is also available upon request for enhanced sound absorption. With the Luna LED System, your custom lighting designs can be brought to life with ease.

  • Technical Specifications

    Features & Benefits:

    • A ceiling-mounted or pendant luminaire
    • Freely customizable housing shape
    • A diffuser made of non-inflammable, non-toxic, flexible, deformation- and moisture-resistant PVC thermoelastic foil that perfectly diffuses light
    • A version with an acoustic membrane is also available
    • A magnet system in the round version and a bolt system in the rectangular version allow for quick, tool-free access to the luminaire's interior
    • A securing cable for the diffuser
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