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Shine ON

Shine ON

NewGlow Collection offers a high performance acoustic solution with integrated LED lighting to your interior spaces. The Collection is new line of acoustic luminaires which was developed to enhance productivity.


Shine ON is produced with 100% PET Felt technology. Shine ON lighting saves energy. The curves in its design increase its acoustic absorption properties. It prevents echo.



    Light Source Specification

    Frequency: AC 60 Hz 
    IP Rating: IP 20 
    Classification: Class II 
    Watt: 26W 
    LED Life: 20.000 Hour 
    Colour Code: Day Light 3000K Cable Length: 200 cm
    Cable Set Colour: Black & White colour


    Fire Rates: B, S1, d0 (EN-13501)
    Light fastness: 6+ (ISO-105 B02)
    Health : 99.9 % Antibacterial  (ISO-20743) Formaldehyde-free (ISO-14184)
    Moisture Absorption: >0.03 % by weight (50°C/122°F at 90% relative humidity) Thearmal insulating: 0,040 W/mK Abrassion: EN ISO 12947 / Performance ‘A’

    Key Features & Benefits

    Available in 7 Natural colors & 34 Mandarin colors.
    Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance. Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant & without red list chemical binders. Recycled and recyclable.
    10 years warranty.



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